By Gina StolwijkJune 16, 20204 Minutes

We care about small local businesses


Local to world small business Formiga Web Design

In the current societal and economical situation, small businesses that keep our cities alive could benefit from a helping hand. A good way to stimulate local businesses now that people stay at home most of the time is by providing them with a website. But what does that add to your existing online presence?

Express professionality towards your customers

Nowadays, people expect businesses to have websites. Whether you own restaurant, a local shop or a hairdresser, your customers are going to look you up. Chances are high that you will not attract any new ones if you just stick to your social media. This does not mean that you need an extremely complicated website. Just one or two pages with your most recent information can convince people to visit your restaurant instead of your neighbor.

Personalized content for your brand

You have complete control of your website’s content, while on social media interaction with the customers gets highlighted. This means that a website gives you enough flexibility to show your business however you like, without depending on reviews. You can shape your website however you like, with your preferred layout, colors and content.

Web positioning

When creating your website, we always have your customers in mind. Having a user-friendly website is what search engines, like Google, value when determining web position. A website created by Formiga Web Design is developed with Search Engine Positioning (SEO) in mind, for (new) customers to find your webite when looking up your business online.

A website as your new business card

Having a website saves you a lot of time when it comes to branding. Instead of having to be physically present to advertise your business, your website will advertise for you. You won’t have to find your customers but your customers will find you.

Everything in one place

You might have different social media channels, with different kinds of posts and customers. When creating a website, we can link it to your social media accounts, to make the most out of your existing content, without overwhelming your visitors. In this way, you will have one main location with your business’ most important information, and your social media can stay the addition which they were meant to be, just “social“.

You will be surprised by the actual costs

At Formiga Web Design we have a special offer for small local businesses. Our team creates a website using a standard template, which allows us to keep the costs low, while creating completely customizable content. For just €250 euros you will have your very own affordable website. We can also take care of the hosting and domain name, with our small mainenance package for €25 per month. This package also includes some minor changes to your content when needed and updates to your website to ensure that it continues to work in a safe way. Even if you do not choose our maintenance package, you will be the owner of your website at all times, no strings attachced.

Are you ready to start your digital experience? Find more information on our Small Local Businesses page or get in touch with us to get started.