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Why is web maintenance important?

By Gina StolwijkJune 22, 20204 Minutes

Once your new website has gone online, in an ideal world, you would have a finished product which does not need any more investment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A website owner should always invest in proper maintenance of their website. But why is web maintenance important?


The themes, plugins and other functionalities that your website uses should be updated frequently. Updates are created to add new features to your website, but also to correct possible safety issues. If your website is not updated on a regular basis, these detected safety issues will not be resolved, making your website vulnerable to hackers. This can easily be avoided by keeping your website up to date at all times.


You might be aware of the increasing amount of people who use a mobile device for online search. To target these customers, you would benefit from a responsive web design, which means that your website adapts to the size of a user’s device. If your website is not responsive, the most likely scenario would be that most (if not all) mobile users instantly leave after only seeing the home page, without paying attention to the content. Updating your website from time to time can ensure that the responsiveness of your website is not negatively affected.

Online findable

To maintain your acquired position in search engines, such as Google, it is important to have a user-friendly website. If you do not invest in proper maintenance, and your website is not frequently updated, it could become slower, unsafe and less responsive to mobile devices. These characteristics make it harder for users to find your website when searching for relevant keywords, since they decrease the user-friendliness, and consequently your web positioning.

New features

Do you want your customers to make reservations for your restaurant? Or did you decide to offer customers the option to use a live chat? Or maybe you just want your customers to find your store by adding Google Maps to your website. Updating your website by adding new features can optimize the user experience and draw new clients to you.

Updated content

For your (potential) customers, it is really important that the content on your website is up to date. This means that you actually offer the products and services that you are promoting online. Since your business is probably changing all the time (e.g. new products or services, new prices or even a new location), it is important for your website to change with it. In this way, you will not disappoint your customers when they expect a certain product or service, only to find out that you don’t offer it anymore.


Design is really important for branding purposes. If your brand changes, the design of your website should change with it. By doing this, you ensure that your customers associate your website with your brand inmediately, and do not think that they have landed on the wrong site. Updates to the design of your website, thus, are as important as keeping the content up to date.


At Formiga Web Design we offer custom maintenance services, both if we have created your new website or webshop, or if you already have one. For more information, get in touch with our team.