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It’s all about the details

By Gina StolwijkJune 17, 20204 Minutes

When designing and developing a website, it’s all about the details. By this I don’t mean your contact details. I am talking about the details that give your brand live. The details that make you stand out from all the others, the ones that wow your customers and make their experience one that they want to repeat all over. If you want to make your customers feel welcome in real life, why wouldn’t you make them feel the same way wen they pay you an online visit? In this article, we present you with some important considerations when designing a website.


Especially if your website has many pages, it is important that users know exactly where they can find what they are looking for. Potential customers should be referred to certain pages when looking at related content, to make navigation easy for them. Don’t be afraid of repetition, as long as you are not spamming with irrelevant links. If, for instance, it is important for your customers to know what servcies you offer, show them where to acquire that information on multiple locations. In this way, you prevent them from having to scroll up and down continuously to find a small link hidden somewhere on the page.


Related to the navigation topic, organization is also really important when creating a website. There should be a logical order of pages, of content blocks within each page, and of content within each block. This allows your customers to find all your relevant content in the blink of an eye, without having to look around on all of your pages. Even though it sounds obvious, you should put a lot of care into the organization of your webiste. Keep in mind that many users don’t know anything about what products and services you offer, so show them the basic information first. This basic content can then refer them to more detailed information, relevant to their needs.

Updated content

Make sure that the content on your website is always up to date. Nothing is more annoying to a customer than looking something up at your website only to find out later, when they want to use your services that the information is not valid anymore.

Visual elements

The visual elements of your website should be on point. To avoid chaos, choose in advance which fonts, colors and layout you want to use, so that you can use the same elements for the whole website. Make sure that your customers recognize your brand when they look at your website. You can do this by choosing a color palette that matches your physical business location and by presenting your logo on each page.

The Formiga Web Design knows that it’s all about the details. We want your customers to experience that too when visiting your new website. Are you ready to get started?