Web Design and Development in Amsterdam and Barcelona

We design and develop your website in your preferred style. The modern, simple and catchy designs will bring you new customers and surprise the existing ones. Get in touch with the Formiga Web Design team for more information.

Formiga personalized website designs


A website with personalized design, which Formiga Web Design creates with you and your customers in mind. You can provide us with feedback in every step of the way. 

Formiga Web Design adaptable for different devices


We know that a responsive design is really important to attract a broader audience. Your website will adapt to different screens, phones and tablets included. In this way, your brand will reach a broader range of customers. 

Add-ons for websites


Your website will include relevant add-ons for your business, for instance Google Maps or restaurant reservation modules. Let us know which functionalities your website needs, so that we can include the necessary add-ons.

Safe website development Formiga


Our team creates safe websites with an SSL certificate, privacy/cookies policies and protection against web attacks. If you choose a maintenance package, we will also update your website on a regular basis. As a result, your users will continue to have a safe browsing experience.

Man on server with laptop developing a website


We can design your website in English, Dutch, Spanish and/or Catalan. If you'd like to add any other language, you can also provide us with the content in any other language yourself. We then integrate this into your website.


Maintenance and Guidance

Once the website is created, you can opt for a maintenance package. With this package we can make changes to your website whenever you need to adapt the content. We can also ensure that the website meets Google’s best practices at all times and that the safety of your website is guaranteed for all users. Let us take care of the hosting and domain registration, so that you do not have to worry about anything regarding your website.

If you do not choose this package, we can show you how to keep your website up to date yourself, with an easy to use visual builder. You remain the owner of your website at all times, with or without our maintenance and guidance.


We ensure that you have access to different email addresses which will be linked to your domain. If you would ever encounter any difficulties, we can help you to keep the email working at all times. 


Your website is created with search engine positioning in mind, and will be updated to its constantly changing rules if you choose our maintenance package.

Social Media

The website can be linked to your company's social media, for your customers to have access to all of your relevant content, and even show featured content directly.


We teach you how to keep your website up to date once we finish our contract. It is also possible to add a visual composer, so that you can easily make changes to your site. You will be the owner of your website at all times.